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Choice helps Options Management achieve zero waste goal

Working with Choice Packaging Solutions and Closed Loop Recycling, Options Management, one of the largest reverse vending machine company in the UK has extended its recycling initiatives, becoming the only UK vending company to offer its customers a dedicated, end to end recycling service using intelligent recycling machines.

The material is purchased by Choice Packaging Solutions who working with Closed Loop Recycling ensures a closed loop recycling option. Managing Director of Options Management, Paul Ure said, “We are pleased to have taken this positive step involving Choice Packaging Solutions (formerly Choice Waste Management) and Closed Loop Recycling, with a view to growing our market for recovered material and diverting material from landfill”

Options Management in partnership with its sister company Recycling Options introduced a new service package for customers to install, service and maintain automatic recycling machines, collect recovered materials, process them and guarantee that they are recycled by leading industry plants across the UK.

Options Management locates recycling machines with vending units or as stand-alone installations in canteens and recreation areas, to recover used cups, bottles and cans resulting from vending or over the counter sales. With almost 100 recovery recycling machines producing significant quantities of recovered PET and HDPE bottles can and cups.